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«Real Universe»
Russian game about space exploration 

Genre: Role playing game (RPG) with strategy and simulator elements 

The history of the space Agency “CROWN” from our days up to the XXIII century.
The game has two modes-strategic management and tactical missions.

Game features :

1. Peaceful space, cooperation and creativity.

2. Projects of national cosmonautics, participation of industry experts in the development.

3. Expansion of the project beyond borders of computer game.

4. Shaping of vision, career guidance.

5. The game as an educational tool, an analogue or addition to the school’s “Astronomy” course.

Currently, there is an ongoing process of development of the alpha version of the game, tis dedicated to the manned expedition to Mars.

The concept of RSC «Energia» 2006-2008, rethought and updated, is taken as a basis.

Now we are completing the first stage of development (WAIT FOR THE DATA REFRESH 15-20 JANUARY 2019).
(degree of readiness of the elements is indicated as a percentage)

Base location generator – 100%.

Main items of the environment (the landscape tiles, stones) – 100%.

Main items of the mission. Residential module (exterior, interior), return module (exterior), manned rover (exterior), charging station, solar panels, service robot – 100%.

Cosmonauts in spacesuits (main animations) – 75%.

Dialogue system – 100%.

MAS menu (movement, action, status) – basic functions – 100%.

Main game menu from drone’s perspective, group management, mini-map with object management functions – 100%.

Game Library – 100%.

Basic drone movement simulation, rovers movement simulation – 100%.

Phase game mode (1 sol includes 2 EVA phases), briefing area – 50%. 

Basic mechanics of the two main quests of the mission – 60%.

What’s next?

Saves and loads 

Expansion of the landscape generator (Inclusion of cliffs and new tiles) 

Creation of distant locations 

Rover’s interiors, management from cabin 

Full implementation of the three main quests, including the quests in distant locations

Role-playing system – different path completion of quests and reactions to the” points of interest ” of cosmonauts of different professions

Advanced functionality of the interior, including characters role interaction 

Minimum mission completion

Extension of the tileset for generator landscape

Set of additional, bonus and orbital quests

Emergency events, non-standard tasks

Damage and wear system

Repair mechanics in residential module

Dialog voiceover 

Basic mini-games

Final selection of elements of landscape generator

Final completion of 3D models

Landing simulation of descend complex, interior of the return module

Optimization and alpha release

Simultaneously with the development of the computer game
we are launching a tabletop version.
It is possible to try yourself in a role
of head of a space program.
Current version name is “First starts”.

The game is orientated for 3-4 simultaneous participants, tis logically correlated with the first episode scenario of the computer version (Mars expedition –  is the 4th episode).

It will be available as a reward for sponsors on the Boomstarter platform.


Two videos demonstrate fragments of story inserts, gameplay and simulation elements, functionality of the in-game library.

Other videos are available on the Studio channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZ5XGkXhCSAkPefotV7ueA

The idea of the project “Real Universe” appeared after the comprehension of the actual problems of our time:

1. Younger generations are passionate about games, for the most part, without any actual benefit for themselves.
2. In modern Russian society there is no image of a hero-the conqueror of the Universe.
3. “Astronomy” has been returned to school program, but the usual formats of studying do not work at all.
4. There is no stimulus to break away from computer games and learn something new about the real world.

THE PHENOMENON OF COMPUTER GAMES in one hand is encased as an instrument of literature displacement, cinema and TV, but on the other hand: they shape a worldview.
Many games about space – are about war, profit, tis a distorted, but an attractive world in which the motivation is a management of instincts.
There are games with the right content. But in them the player mainly learns about projects of NASA, ESA, and other projects

“Real Universe” – computer game with educational content and focus on domestic space projects, without military conflicts which can in order become a national system of new way of thinking and career guidance.

One step closer to the Beautiful Beyond.

Within the game you will find history of  the “CROWN” space Agency from our days and on to the XXIII century.

The time interval of the stages is preliminary, but most likely it will remain the same.


In the alpha version, there will be 3 mandatory quests awaiting for players and more than a dozen of additional tasks. Completion of all quests will provide hero with detailed knowledge of planetary science of Mars. Tis obvious that before the hero had been send on an expedition, he already knew a lot.

But the circumstances of history dictate that tis necessary to verify all known facts about the fourth planet… To decide if a man must set his foot on surface of Mars… or should all responsibility be entrusted to machines.

In the development of educational content, we focus mainly on manual, published in Irkutsk by a team of specialists led by astronomer Sergei Yazev.

In the development of devices for missions (including descriptions of their technical parameters, we focus on modern data of Russian space developments). We come up with new technical solutions and implement them in game in collaboration with industry experts and project consultants.

At first inevitably will come: idea, fantasy, fairy tale. Behind them strides scientific calculation, and in the end, performance crowns the idea.

© Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky

Our team

Here they are

Aleksey Borisov-Gagarinskiy

Leader of the Human Planet Studio

Author and developer of the project 'Our Universe'

Andrei Kazmirkevich

Video content director, screenwriter, producer, game designer.

Video advertising specialist.

Developer of the tabletop version of the game.

Valeriy Dementiev

Programmer, Unity developer.

Alexander Shuruhin

Programmer, Unity developer.

Ислам Бетербиев

Разработчик на Unity.

Кирилл Гришин

Разработчик на Unity.

Вадим Скосырев


Сергей Буткин

Концепт-художник, 3D-художник.

Максим Дрончак


Роман Юлдашев


Александр Денисенко


Ruslan Ryumin

Writer, screenwriter.

Вили Мнацаканов

Консультант, тестировщик проекта.

Арчил Девдариани

Один из основателей проекта. Переводчик, аналитик.

Anastasiya Borisova-Gagarinskaya

Artist and architect.

Sergei Glinkin

Engineer, student in MSTU named after N. E. Bauman

Dmitriy Sayapin

Engineer, interface developer, head of engineering solutions Department, programmers coordinator.

Dmitriy Tziklauri


Vladislav Teslya

Sound producer, guitarist.

Stepan Zotov

One of the project founders.

Vladyslav Samarkin

Web programmer, musician.

Elena Sarkisyan

Leading news specialist.

Leonid Yaremchuk

Specialist of information support, event radio «Феnix».

Jamal Muslimov

Artist, news specialist.

Dmitriy Oliferovich

Popularizer of cosmonautics, screenwriter.

Sophia Shornikova

The scoring of the character Alice Fane

Each creature must live and think as if it could achieve everything sooner or later.

© Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky

Here we will put all the questions and answers that appear in our minds on the website, questions of visitors alike. Most of the question's answers will be provided by myself personally, Aleksey Borisov. Peculiar questions will be answered by specialists from our team.
Where can I leave a review or comment?
The site has an email address. Join our group in Vkontakte social network. https://vk.com/nvru_game
Will there be a multiplayer?
Absolutely. But in due time. First of all we need to complete single player phase.
And what is happening now, what is the status of the project?
Completion of the first quarter of the alpha version. Preparing to launch a new campaign on Boomstarter site.
And what will in the alpha-version?
Manned mission to Mars based on scientific program MARS INFOSPHERE.
Why would a man go to Mars? Robots will cope with all tasks.
"Real Universe" is not only an educational project, but also a computer game. It is a role-playing game about space exploration of squad of astronauts, it will be more appealing rather than just a simulator of robotics control.
Due to the game's appearance, it will require "immodest amount of moneyНа вид игра потребует "нескромные деньги". Это так?
Yes. it shall be so. After creating a demo product (alpha version), we will show the materials to potential sponsors.
What if there will be no sponsors? Will you still continue to develop the project?
The project is being developed on personal savings, which, alas, is little. In addition, a small amount of resources was collected during the first campaigns on the Boomstarter website. In the development team, many work for the idea, on enthusiasm. Including the author of the project and the head of the Studio. We are supported by professionals of the space industry, free of charge. In the absence of funding, the process will slow but will cease. Now we are looking forward to acquaintance and collaboration with the Committee of Innovative projects of Youth from RSC Energia.

When I was flying around the Earth in a satellite ship, I saw how beautiful and fragile our planet is. Man, lets maintain and improve this beauty, not destroy it.

© Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin

Images, Press Realeases, Catalogs

Images, Press Realeases, Catalogs

Press Releases

A rocket underwater is an absurd idea. But that's why I'm gona make it happen.

© Korolev Sergey Pavlovich

Scientific consultants

Our help and support!

Mark Serov

Test cosmonaut, head of flight test Department of RSC «Energia»

Vladimir Pinchuk

Candidate of technical Sciences, space education expert

Ivan Moiseev

Head of the space policy Institute. Scientific Director of the Moscow space club, expert of the Space Cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation

Sergei Chekmaev

Science fiction writer, screenwriter.

A man who believes in a fairy tale, sooner or later gets within it because he has a heart...

© Korolev Sergey Pavlovich

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Life demonstrates that space will not be mastered by supermen, but most ordinary people.

© Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin

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Друзья, которые нас поддержали раньше и возможно, поддержат в будущем снова

Валерий Абросимов - разработчик на Unity, геймдизайнер.

Женя Береснева – Космическая гостья из первого ролика проекта.

Марина Борисова - специалист новостного отдела.

Евгений Бугелев, 3D-художник.

Марк Виноградов – специалист по информации и программированию.

Владимир Ганичев - маркетолог.

Константин Денисов – математик.

Анна Дербенёва - сценарист.

Арчил Девдариани - Специалист по международным связям, переводчик, аналитик, профессиональный обозреватель компьютерной техники.

Евгений Джигалов – 3D-художник, CG-аниматор, автор всех 3D-вставок в первый ролик и разработчик большей части 3D-моделей.

Альберт Джуракулов - разработчик на Unity.

Андрей Жигунов – 3D-художник.

Cтепан Зотов - один из основателей проекта.

Ольга Зотова - специалист новостного отдела.

Илья Зюбанов – инженер и 3D-разработчик.

Максим Илюшин - разработчик сайтов, специалист по рекламе.

Александр Кавалов – физик.

Виктор Карпилов - разработчик на Unity.

Николай Коломийцев - программист, разработчик на Unity.

Сергей Колосков - бизнес-консультант, игрофикатор.

Тимур Комбаев, инженер, сотрудник НПО им. Лавочкина.

Александра Коробенкова – сценарист, разработчик игровой логики.

Виктор Кривохижин – дизайнер и 3D-разработчик.

Геннадий Логинов – писатель, певец и философ.

Владимир Макаров - программист.

Василий Малышев - Специалист новостной ленты.

Владимир Мацаль - 3D художник, геймдизайнер.

Никита Мирский - журналист, маркетолог.

Андрей Мищенков – куратор с площадки Boomstarter.

Марк Неизвестный – игровой сценарист и копирайтер.

Давид Орбелян – разработчик на Unity.

Максим Петько  - 3D-художник.

Анастасия Просина, архитектор.

Анатолий Сахаров - 3D-художник.

Владимир Семенихин - руководитель дизайн-студии «Самолёт». http://samolet.com/

Михаил Сизов - Специалист новостной ленты.

Валерий Скляров – разработчик на Unity.

Михаил Смирягин, инженер, разработчик систем отображения информации, музыкант, пилот.

Максим Страх - 3D-художник.

Юлия Тимошкова - сценарист.

Евгений Триско - 3D-художник, создатель интерьеров.

Сергей Тягунов - писатель-фантаст, сценарист.

Константин Хорн - один из основателей проекта, 3D-художник, программист, разработчик на Unity.

Юрий Чеботарёв - Инженер СОЖ для модулей МКС.

Лев Чуркин – специалист по видео-монтажу.

Рэй Эркерт - геймдизайнер.

А так же все спонсоры кампаний на площадке Boomstarter. Друзья, без вашей поддержки проекту пришлось бы очень трудно.

Abyss of discoveries and wisdom are awaiting for us. Let us live to receive and perceive them and reign in the Universe like other Immortals.

© Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky

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