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We do not strife to deceive our players, we try to do everything right, so it would be entertaining and useful to play.


Main slogan of our project - "Dream Becomes True!"


We want to share our dream with you.


To find adherents and to create future "Real Universe" together.


­­Day after day we are immersed in routine. Work, home, school, every day is like a previous one. Many have forgotten what it means to dream, to look up at the sky and think about distant stars. But we are one step away from conquering the space.


Are you ready to realize your dreams? Do you want to go beyond the Earth and visit other planets?


We are a group of co-thinking people, creative studio "Human Planet", developing

a role-playing strategy game "Real Universe".



Мы – группа единомышленников, творческая студия «Планета Людей», разрабатываем ролевую стратегическую игру «Наша Вселенная» и запустили обновлённую кампанию на площадке Boomstarter.

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"Real Universe" – is an educational and entertainment project, dedicated primarily to the present and future of the Russian space exploration.


Today, both society and media complain about the widespread hobby of video games amongst young people, most of which have no practical benefit. Particularly sad is the situation with space projects. Most of them represent interplanetary empires and invasion of the voracious aliens. And those rare, good games which can enrich at least a minimal knowledge and understanding - frequently are of Western development. And they have their own appropriate accents. Thanks to the beautiful presentations and skilled public relations, students often know more about the work of NASA, rather than about the plans of "ROSCOSMOS". That is at least illogical for a country, which has been the forefront of space exploration for many years. Today, astronomy is going to return to schools, but when and how this will happen is unclear.


It has been known for a long time, that children are more likely to play video games, rather than read a boring encyclopedia. Most people simply have no motivation to visit museums or excursions. To young people, all of this just seems as another sequel to the boring educational program.


A creative team of co-thinking people, space enthusiasts from the "Human Planet" studio, have devoted themselves to the development of the project, which can improve the situation, and in the long run become an ideological beacon, which will specify the path to the future, help find a career or at least be familiarized with the reality and plans of the national cosmonautics.


The project – is a computer role-playing game with elements of strategy and simulation. The campaign will tell the story of the Space Agency "Crown", created to support the Federal space program, the United Space-Rocket Corporation, etc. The Story begins on the floating spaceport, analogue of the "Sea launch" and through the creation of orbital stations, the development of lunar bases, etc., will show a path of the Solar system exploration in a length of two centuries. The game will feature the latest projects of space technology, advanced concepts and reliable scientific data. It will feature space programs of different Nations, but in the "Real Universe", there will be no armed conflict and military action of any kind! We support the idea of the peaceful space exploration.


Now we are working on the alpha version of the game. Taken as a basis and reworked as the concept of a manned expedition to Mars (IEC) of RSC "Energia" for 2006-2008, the player will learn that the reality of this expedition will be possible in 30-40 years, but it will require new launches of vehicles, orbital assembly and radiation protection..


In the process of completing missions, quests, mini-games and dialogues, the player will receive knowledge, similar to what one would read in the textbook of astronomy for planetary science of Mars (life searching program is not included in the alpha version, but will appear in another mission). In-game encyclopedia, in addition to the log of the dialogues and tasks, contain links to the websites of space thematics, where the participant will be able to expand their horizons beyond the game's universe.


Alpha version – is a full mission between the middle of the global game plot. Its genre is a tactical simulation game, with elements of survival and RPG, in which the player will lead a squad of astronauts. In the alpha version, the developers plan to develop the basic mechanics of tactical mode. In strategic, global mode, the player will have to manage the infrastructure of land bases, launch sites and space objects. Study technologies, execute contracts, communicate with the NPC in the interiors of offices and stations, etc.


The original version of the "Real Universe" is designed for PC platforms, but part of the functionality of the game (most likely – strategic part) will be implemented on mobile devices. Over time, the overall in game space will include multi-player missions, which due to its fascinating and short gaming sessions, will allow you to spend time with friends and get special collectible items for the scientific program.

Not only dosed sessions of the game "Real Universe" are amongst its useful finds in the game mechanics, implemented through the batteries discharge of the spacesuits and scientific instruments.


The most important part is the communication and projection of the computer game into the real world. For example, the player gets a message "Go to the planetarium". Having listened to the lecture, he will be able to enter in game promo code from special tickets, and obtain a new module for the space station or will acquire an additional task of the science program. Monitoring of activity will allow to identify the most interested players, which then later, can be offered to link their profession with the space exploration.


At the moment there is an agreement about testing of the alpha version in a creative circle of the Space Museum, the station "Mars Tefo" in the Moscow Planetarium, in the classroom of the engineering game "Orbit". The long term perspective, cognitive gameplay may replace the boring school lesson.


Current development takes place with the support of industry experts: Mark Serov (RSC Energia), Ivan Moiseyev (Institute of space policy, space club Moscow), Vladimir Pinchuk (TsNIIMash) and others. Screenwriter of the alpha version of the project, science fiction writer and literary editor - Sergei Chekmaev.


The development team of the "Human Planet" studio is about 30 people. In addition
to the work on the content of the computer game, some of the employees are leading news groups in social medias, such as Vkontakte and Facebook, which have over 1300 signed participants. Besides describing the development and monthly digests, most of the records represent the latest news of modern space exploration and astronomy.


In support of the PC version of the game, the Board game "Real Universe" is also in the development. In fact it is similar to monopoly, but it is created mainly for adjustment of the in game strategic part.

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