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For us there are 4 evident problems.


1. There is no awareness of any goal and perspectives in Russian cosmic program.

2. People dedicate too much time for games, but there is no real motivation to gain knowledge.

3. There are many interesting societies, museums and interactoriums, but little to no one knows about them.

4. How to invite youth into space industry, how to draw attention, support and give necessary education before admission to universities? (Long ago there was a subject of Astronomy in schools)

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Project "Real Universe" is aimed towards problems solution in form of interactive gaming and educational system.


"Real Universe" - is a computer game about crucial role of Russia in outer space exploration.


The game with aspect of obtaining real scientific knowledge, with benefits from visiting real venues and with monitoring of player's rating.


The idea started in September of 2015. First presentation took place at Moscow Aerospace Club meetings, first pitch-doc of gaming project was developed and first communications with scientific consultans, Ivan Moiseev and Vladimir Pinchuk were established.

The game is being designed as a storyline with a set of certain locations/missions and generation of random missions. Plot quest reflect current cosmic projects with plans for future.


In particular, demo-mission, which is being developed, is dedicated to manned expedition to Mars in the mid 30-ies of XXI century.


There will be 2 logical parts in the game - strategic ( "base" management, spaceport on Earth, circumterrestrial  orbital space station, lunar infrastructure and etc, including tactical elements).


In tactical part, player will personally be involved in a manned program or control robots on surfaces of other planets.


For in game advancement and story line progression, you will need not only to collect resources (scientific data, common currency and energy).


You will need to obtain and confirm real knowledge.


Textual part of the game contains educational element.


For confirmation of knowledge, it will be necessary to pass test (similar to online ROTR test)


The higher the level, the more difficult tests and more questions a player gets.


But that is the subject of change.


For example, in first mission on Mars there will be few questions, but to get to Mars, player needs to develop lunar base, but last level lunar program's test will be serious.


If player attentively listened and read messages, problems will not occur.


Games encyclopedia contains open journal of all dialogues, messages and scientific reports.


Before level testing, player will see links, where he/she can read information on a subject.


If player does not succeed the first time, player can repeat test after a while.

At the moment we have a team which includes: game-designers, 3D-artists, actors, musicians, translators and other creative people passionate about the project.

We are being helped by russians from foreign countries.


Active work on a project began from december of 2015,  although we can't manage to dedicate ourselves entirely and ONLY to the project in "full time" schedule, we already have achieved something.


We are already in progress of converting concept art pictures and pieces into complete 3D models, as CG quality and as a low polygon for Unity Engine.


All sketches and scripts are being approved by scientific directors.

There are many difficulties ahead of us. For example, first sketches of Mars Rove's laboratory turned out to be unsuccessful. Astronaut Mark Serov, specialist of Rocket-Space Corporation "Energy", made sketches and suggested what exactly required correction.


We had nothing close resembling such development in Russia, we are pioneers.

To be first is not an easy task, but it is very exciting - to create future with one's hands.

We are working on programming demo-presentation. Technical requirements are already formed for original interface, landscape, animations and model optimizations are

in progress.


We love what we do, what we create. From anatomical spacesuit and spectacular, practical Mars Rover to landing complex and aerodynamic capsules.

And further on , till the very interstellar ship itself with Nuclear Power Supply.

Monetization systems of the game are in progress of development.

Possibly, this will be single time purchase of  a digital copy.


According to plan, the game will be constantly supplemented. DLC's with new scenario missions will allow to conduct new science programs, expansion packs will expand numbers of locations.


Game modding tools will provide players with a chance to manifest their creative ambitions.

Character in the game - is an avatar of a player, that is why we plan on adding RPG-elements, closely connected with story line.

Some of the missions will show projects, the implementation of which are planned for the second half of XXI century, time in the game will be conventional.


But description of story line will contain comments, when this mission might be implemented, what is already in a complete state for it, and what is not.


It is possible to meet new product in space industry on a real site - in planetarium,
in museum of cosmonautics. We plan to establish partnership.


For example. player visits a tour, an entrance ticket will contain code for receiving unique
in game item.

This can be deemed as innovative system, but it can't be said for sure that we are out of competition. Such gaming projects as Kerbal Space Program, Take on Mars, Space Engineers and etc, set quality bar high.

We do not strife to deceive our players, we try to do everything right, so it would be entertaining and useful to play.


Main slogan of our project - "Dream Becomes True!"


We want to share our dream with you.


To find adherents and to create future "Real Universe" together.


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